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What is the time scale to put in stair rails,spindles etc for a hall stair+landing?

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Depends on the length of the run and the complexity of the shape. A straight run that will be painted will be much quicker than say a staircase that turns a corner with oak fittings. A day or 2 if simple, could be a few more if complex.


Answered 9th Oct 2019

Depending on the size of the landing and incline normally 1-one and a half days


Answered 11th Oct 2019

Shouldn’t take more than 2 days whatever it’s made from.


Answered 11th Oct 2019

I fit stairs and rails almost every day, Id say from my experience and what I can achieve is, a standard length rake (2-3m approx) and a standard length of landing (1.5-2m approx) can be done in a day.
Difference in wood shouldn't make a difference in time as it's all the same cuts and quality.


Answered 22nd Oct 2019

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