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Extendsing a suspended timber floor over concrete.

I am removing a wall between a galley kitchen and dining room and extending out across the rear of the house about 2m. (standard 1930s semi).
The dining room is a suspended timber floor with square edge boards and the galley kitchen is a solid concrete floor (currently tiled). The new floor in the extension can be either concrete of suspended. I'd like to use some floor boards from upstairs to extend the timber floor over the galley kitchen floor and into the extension. does anyone have experience of running a wood floor over different subfloors? how were the results?
the concrete in the galley kitchen will need reducing in height by about an inch to bring it level with the top of the floor joists.

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If you have hot to reduce the height of the concrete You just as well channel out for treated 50 x 50 cm softwood joists


Answered 9th Oct 2019

Remove the concrete floor (as this and the new extended floor would need to be insulated )and replace with new joists and flooring.


Answered 18th Oct 2019

Hi, Would it not be easier to raise the timber floor by an inch rather than trying to take an inch of concrete off the existing floor?


Answered 11th Oct 2019

If you are going to do anyth8ng to the concrete floor, I suggest removing altogether and laying a timber floor in the same way as the floor adjacent.
It will be warmer than the concrete which I imagine is old and has no membrane or insulation.
Just done this for a client and its much better


Answered 16th Oct 2019

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