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Damp area in the conservatory.

I wonder if anyone one would be able to advise on a issue. In a certain area of our conservatory there appears to be a damp patch it was not apparent last year. Can’t pin point what is causing it as it. It’s at the bottom area in a corner, it doesn’t appear to be leaking from the roof. Any advice or help would be much appreciated. Thanks

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When the base and dwarf walls are built dpc should be cut out for and inserted where brickwork meets the house, it could also be faulty frame seals, a good fitter should be able to diagnose and remedy fairly easily.


Answered 15th Oct 2019

It may be a dirty wall tie in cavity


Answered 8th Oct 2019

Has the conservatory been up long?
What kind of roof is it?
Sometimes if a roof has been put up in the rain, or stored in a place where is could be rained on then water settles in the grooves, and over time as the frames expand and contract due to temperature change then the water is released and runs to the lowest point.
If it is an older installation then it could be a break in a seal, hard to say without looking at it in person.


Answered 17th Oct 2019

There are so many issues that can cause damp in a conservatory it is very hard to say without seeing it anything from faulty silicone seal round a frame to a inadequate dpm in the floor allowing rising damp. A good fitter should be able to tell you when he looks over the conservatory. Almost impossible to diagnose with investigation.


Answered 28th Oct 2019

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