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Inserting risers into staircase


We have recently moved into a terrace house with a 70's open plan staircase, the treads are in hardwood attached to the side of the staircase, but there are no risers. Not really our taste! We want to fill in the risers, replace the banister and hand rail.

How would we go about doing this? Would it be easier/cheaper to replace the whole stair case or would it be farely straight forward to insert risers? We will ultimately to boxing in the stairs to create a cupboard aswell.

Many thanks

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If you can get access to under the stair then it's easy
Just cut each riser individually then use timber blocks to fix them to treads and string
If it is purely for aesthetic point of view then there is no reason this can't be done

Just think it through 2 hours of thinking will save you 10 hours of fumbling

Good luck

Answered 14th Mar 2012

cms joinery

Member since 20 Nov 2009

I reckon with a buiscuit jointer and the correct matching hardwood you could make a really nice job of it, seeing as the risers have no need to provide any structral strength its like simple cladding. Its a solids days work for and experienced woodworker

Answered 14th Mar 2012

Local patios and driveways

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Hi helenbewick_50
My answer is the same as cms joinery.
Please note that cms and myself are the only actual carpenters that have responded so far.
kind regards

Answered 15th Mar 2012

Bellini Manufacturing

Member since 7 Apr 2011

The most cost effective way forward for you is a new staircase.

Answered 14th Mar 2012

m w building construction and property maintenance

Member since 28 Sep 2008

most open plane stairs the treads go under each other first thing to do is get a set square if you dont have one you can get them from most D I Y stores
16 inch one will be fine ,from under the stairs slide the long side of the set sq on top of the treads with the set sq facing up just like stairs the part that is standing up will hit the tread above the one you have it rested on if there is enough tread space for your foot normaly 10 inches you dont need to change your stairs you can fit the rises easy but if there is not enough foot room you will need a new stair case a sright flight will cost around £300 for a mdf and pine set hope this is of help

Answered 15th Mar 2012


Member since 11 Jun 2008

to do it properly a new staircase is the way forward ,risers should be re-bated into treads and then strengthened underside ,cant see how you could do this without taking existing apart which will just be as costlier as going for new

Answered 14th Mar 2012


Member since 7 Jun 2008

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