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Rain leaking through groundfloor lintels

Heavy rain is leaking through inside ground floor dining room window lintel and tracking horizontally when rain is also coming in above inside of conservatory door. Consrrvatory roof has been newly fitted and double checked. No pipes. Upstairs rooms above is still dry. External render seems solid. Can water get in through upstairs window frames and travel down cavity wall? Can rain leak through roof, down the rafter and down a cavity wall?

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You posted a problem with felt deterioration in the eaves- is this in the same area? Cavity closures etc are not normally required above lintels, and they shouldn’t be porous enough to let water through. Check the roof and flashings directly above


Answered 3rd Oct 2019

it sounds like they haven't put any damp course in


Answered 2nd Oct 2019

Sounds to me like there is no cavity closers above the lead line. Any water that penetrates the wall will travel down the cavity and make its way out when it reaches a lintel or similar


Answered 2nd Oct 2019

Possible that the cavity around the lintel is not foamed inside, whereas you may need cavity insulation to solve this, another option may be that its simply not sealed correctly. If your able to post a picture please do to help us give you more advice.


Answered 4th Oct 2019

The other answer is a good avenue to explore. However also if the window is aluminium and the Coll’s are not filled at either end then this will give you excess water needing to find a way to escape. Also soffits fascia and guttering can send water to unwanted places. And are your windows sealed up around the perimeter and have tight well fitted gaskets. With the other answer in mind and my own start at the top and work your way down


Answered 4th Oct 2019

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