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Loft extension and side extension or double storey extension

Hi Everyone,
I am finding it hard to decide between a double storey side extension which will include a rear extension to kitchen, downstairs shower/toilet and a utility room. I will need to push the garden back by about 3 meters so that we can have a patio area. As part of the extension we will be doing the stairs because the current stairs are very old.

The other option is a loft conversion with a side and rear kitchen extension. We will also need to rebuild the garage because if we lose the loft we will need space for storage. I guess you could call the garage rebuild a side extension that will flow into the kitchen and will also have a downstairs toilet and utility room. The garden will also need to be push backed by 3 meters and a retaining wall will need to built. I have a Architect coming on the 4th October to do the drawings and a structural survey will also be done on the same day.

I just can't decide which option would be best and most cost effective.

Any advice I can get on here would be helpful.

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Talk to the architect, and discuss what you want ,you need to be clear about what sort of budget you have available


Answered 2nd Oct 2019

Hi James,

If you engage an architect they will explore the different design options via 2D and 3D drawings - one you have these in front of you, you will be better placed to make a decision. I'm sure your architect will talk through this with you.



Answered 2nd Oct 2019

If your roof is of traditional build with Perlins etc with a rear dormer which doesn’t need planning permission would create more room at a better price if new roof which has pre stressed trusses go for extension as these roofs are very hard to change


Answered 6th Oct 2019

In my experience you appear to get much better VFM from a new build extension per m2 apposed to a loft conversion !
However this is only applicable if you have the outside space available for the new additions to start with ..
With plots becoming smaller & smaller quite often there is little outside space available, so loft conversions become a great way to extend your home ..
the My builder price guide is quite accurate, so maybe use this to work out a rough cost to see if extending is a viable option to gain the M2 required, do this before spending any money as it will be money down the drain drawing up grand designs if there well outside the budget !
Hope this helps


Answered 11th Oct 2019

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