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We are thinking about converting our double extension into a 2 bed house. apart from an archetect is there anyone else that could draw up designs/plans for planning permission?

The extension is not finished i.e there is no gas/electric or water supplied to that half of the house. The front would have to be changed as currently there is a garage door to one side, so new windows and a front door would have to be installed and also a staircase leading to the first floor.
So really there would have to be a few small changes to the exterior and the whole of the inside re-designed.
I am not sure who would be the best sort of person to do this apart from an architect but i have heard they can be quite expensive! Do you have any ideas on how much they might charge?
Thank you for looking!

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Hi, I would recommend you get advice from both the planning and building control teams at your local Council before you think about getting anyone involved to draw plans. Your planning permission will change as you will now need to apply for an additional dwelling even though the external structure is already there. Different local authorities have different policies for adding additional dwellings to their existing housing supply. Also, the building regulations are different for self-contained dwellings than for house extensions and the Building Control Officers are usually pretty good at giving an average cost. You don't have to have a qualified person to draw plans for you - just somebody who is competent in producing scaled drawings, especially when it comes to the building regs.
If you do decide to go with an architect, prices will vary. Some will include the planning and building regs fees within their final price to you (your planning permission will cost £335 but building regs fees vary between authorties as they are allowed to set their own fees). Some architects are able to produce their own structural drawings but others may have to sub-contract out to an engineer and this may mean them adding more to their fee.
Sorry to waffle on a bit, but there is always alot to think about when it comes to house extensions and new dwellings.
You are welcome to contact me for further info (I live in Cheshire)


Answered 2nd Apr 2011

Hi there i have just messaged you a good draftsman in which to do the job, you will need to submit your proposed plans to your local building control office, for there approval.

You will aslo need planning consent, we would always be willing to help, even if for sound advice.

Hope this helps....


Answered 1st Apr 2011

my architect or design technician normally charges 350 for this work


Answered 2nd Apr 2011

About £250 for the plans for this, if you are local to me. (Manchester)


Answered 11th Apr 2011

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