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Nwswimming pool

New flat EDPM roof has a SWIMMIG pool on it, how would it be rectified to drain-off.

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slant roof towards guttering,fit gutter trays under rubber roofing use correct fixing joints


Answered 1st Oct 2019

The EPDM system has a gutter trim. To fit this, a 25mm length of timber is fixed to the fascia, this brings the trim away from the fascia and allows the water to run off into the gutter, rather than behind the gutter. There is a plastic trim which is then fitted to the batten, the rubber then goes over the top of that, followed by the final trim.


Answered 1st Oct 2019

Strip it up install furings to make slope re board new rubber


Answered 3rd Oct 2019

Don’t worry about it ,it can have water sitting on it,it won’t harm it if fitted correctly. if you don’t like it the rear will have to be raised to form a slope towards the gutter


Answered 9th Oct 2019

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