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Funny smell in the bathroom before it's even fitted

Bathroom ripped out but not yet fitted. The last 2 days we have smelt a funny smell is that just coz it all out and pipe been moved about. At first we thought it might be because we have been flushing the toilet with a bucket of water for the last week. Before he tiles it all want to make sure its nothing bad. Could it be the new vent hes put on the soil pipe. It used to go out the roof now he chopped it down and put some vent on I wssnt sure about this.

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It sounds like you have an open waste pipe which has no trap or U bend on it. The trap holds water within the pipe which stops the drainage smells passing through the pipe. Alternatively it could be that a trap is dry of water which causes the same issue.

The vent that you have advised is a dergo valve which is a one way valve to allow air flow into the svp. This could possibly be faulty or not sealed correctly?


Answered 30th Sep 2019

sounds like an open waste pipe has been left probably for the sink or bath waste to go into when the sanitary ware is fitted, it could also be a dodgy AAV air admittance valve which is what has been fitted instead of the 4 inch pipe going through the roof out to atmosphere get them to check both before fitting your bathroom


Answered 30th Sep 2019

You had an open vent through the roof these equalise both positive and negative pressures in the waste pipe system dergo valves will not allow positive pressure to release.
When flushing the loo or pouring bucket down the pan a slight amount of positive pressure can build for a moment and if bath/shower/basin are on this positive pressure pipework then waste smell can be pushe back through the water traps and hence the smell
Usually you can hear the gurgling as the bad air is pushed back


Answered 8th Oct 2019

Could be a number of things, without seeing it can't be certain. But could be an open waste pipe connected to the main sewer pipe without a U bend or a leek at the rear of your toilet. Put a piece of toilet paper under the pipe at at the back of your toilet see if it gets wet after a few flushes. Check around the toilet as Ive known new toilets have cracked bends that leek. The air admittance valve could be fault. Tape a plastic bag over the end to Make it air tight and leave for a bit, see if the smell goes away. If it does fit another unit.


Answered 30th Sep 2019

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