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Polycarbonate roof upgrade

It has been mentioned that if I only want to replace the polycarbonate roof panels. This can be done much without major expense.
Could the 20 year old panels be changed and just put new glazing caps on.
There doesn't seem to be any problem with the structure of the roof.
So is it possible to get someone to do the above?

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whilst this sounds a simple replacement of polycarbonate sheets and in some cases it will be the fact the roof is 20 years old it could be a problem to source replacement cappings and the old ones will be brittle because of thier age and are likely to crack or split on removal, make sure the person carring out the replacement can source them ( if needed ) before work commences


Answered 30th Sep 2019

It’s a cheap reliable way out we replace poly roof panels daily as long as the panel thickness is the same the end caps will always fit no problem


Answered 11th Oct 2019

Changing polycarbonate no problem sourcing cap bars a bit harder to do because of age of roof


Answered 11th Oct 2019

this is quite correct
although this can be done in some circumstances it would be a visual inspection would determine the type of roof construction as well there have been many roof companys been and gone


Answered 14th Oct 2019

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