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Van racking - how to get it done.

I have a LWB Ford Transit MK7. It is currently lined with plywood but has no racking system. What are the best options for having this installed. Are there any specific companies who will do this to an older van or would it be best to get a joiner to do this.

I am also looking to get lighting installed in the back as it can be a nightmare during winter months without it. What are the best options when it comes to this. LED lights installed by an auto electrician maybe?

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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I'm a joiner and I have always racked my own van. I don't really know if there are any companies that will do this specifically to your trade. In my experience the racking design is usually bespoke, I've never really seen two exactly the same. Unless its a fleet van in a company like the AA or something. Id get a joiner to build it to your requirements. This should meet your needs exactly.


Answered 26th Sep 2019

I have always racked my own van but you can buy kits and companies out there specialise in doing it. If you look at the big online auction site you will see they are lots available or a local search should bring up someone local.

As for the lights again depending on how competent you are it is possible to DIY or a local auto electrical or local company that specialises vehicle mods like alarms and parking sensors should be able to assist.


Answered 26th Sep 2019

Hi, I’ve always racked my own vans myself to suit which ever systainers etc I have. There are companies online that do van racking systems that you’ll just have to screw together like a flat pack and then fix in position but they are quite expensive. On the other hand though, with the price of the materials and how much you value your time, you might think they are worth the money. Just search for van racking systems on google. As for the lighting, if you have basic knowledge of how to wire a light then you can diy some LEDs onto the interior roof to come on when you open the doors.


Answered 13th Oct 2019

Sortimo systems are good but not cheap.
I've racked its of vans out of the years, mainly by myself being a joiner. Only issue is time it can take and the weight, for example ply etc.
For me now I use the festool drawer system which works for me. Plus the dewalt stack system which is very good and sturdy. It really depends on what you're carrying each day and if you need say a workshop can or say a site can so carry tools you need each day. Hope that helps.


Answered 19th Oct 2019

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