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Time of year to replace decking

Hi, my front decking is rotted. I was wondering if there are certain times of the year to do this. Given winter is approaching is it even possible to replace the full decking and supports, or would it be better to wait for the summer?

Thanks in advance.

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The decking can be replaced at any given time as the new timber will be fully pressure treated and tanalised. If the decking is rotten. I would replace as soon as possible to avoid any possible injury depending on the severity of the rot.


Answered 23rd Sep 2019

Now would be a good time before it gets too cold.
If built during spring or summer, this wood will dry unevenly because of the already-humid conditions in the atmosphere, which will, in turn, make the wood bend, become weaker in places, or even crack.


Answered 23rd Sep 2019

Now is the perfect time. As long as it's treated before the winter months.


Answered 23rd Sep 2019

Yes it can be done any time of year.
You will find it’s a slightly messier job in the winter but you’ll probably get a better rate.


Answered 23rd Sep 2019

We would replace decking at any time of the year as, if the correct wood is used, it is all treated. Composite decking can also be erected in almost any weather. You may find that estimates to lay decking are cheaper in the winter months as suppliers lower their prices as it's out of season - meaning there's a possibility of savings. I agree with a previous poster that if any decking is rotten then there is the potential it could be unsafe structurally and needs replacing or repaired sooner rather than later. Hope that helps!


Answered 2nd Dec 2019

You can replace that deck any time. It won't bend or crack in the 'humid conditions' because treated timber will be used and it will be screwed down with about a million screws! This question made me laugh a bit as last winter we put in a deck and sleeper terraces, and there's pictures of us throwing snowballs at each other! Hey-diddly-dee a landscapers life for me! :D


Answered 3rd Dec 2019

Dear Leigha,

Its up to you when would you like to sort it out.
The decking materials treated and we usually put an other treatment on the joist and on the decking timbers.
Kind regards,


Answered 15th Dec 2019

Decking work can be undertaken any time of year its down to prefrence when the customer prefers to have it carried out but i find most prefer it to be done in winter do to lack of use in cold weather also having it done in winter means by summer it will be fully complete or refurbished and ready instead of having to wait to enjoy your summer nights on it


Answered 29th Dec 2019

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