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Rear storey extension cost

What is the current per sq metre cost of rear single storey extensions in Greater London (Hayes) area. I am looking at 20 sq metre, normal french doors leading to garden and flat roof.

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Depends on the builder prices change person to person plus access and finishes you want ect


Answered 20th Sep 2019

Everything Lee, has wrote is right.


Answered 20th Sep 2019

Prices are dependent upon material costs , size of build , time allocated to build and usually any extras or unknowns . ie changes , alterations and quantity of labour required . The best thing is get 3 separate quotes and make an assessment from that .


Answered 23rd Sep 2019

There is no such a guidance. As a very rough calcs you could assume £2k per m2. This can go crazy up and not much down depends on the finishes, access, structure etc etc.
You can build with the standard structure cavity wall or using SIP panels which is approx 20% cheaper. There are options on the market available. Glass will be most expensive. Especially structural glass. Either way for this size you will start from £40-50k


Answered 23rd Sep 2019

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