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Multipoint door hook stuck

Multipoint door hook stuck - door won't open Hi We have a solid UPVA front door. with a multipoint door lock mechanism. It's the sort where you pull the door handle up to engage the top and bottom door hooks (and down to unlock) . The top door hook sticks. This means we can't actually open the door. I've tried to push the upper door hook up with a knife blade without success. Please, does anyone have any ideas how I might get the door open so I can replace the mechanism? Many thanks, in advance."

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This is something you will need a locksmith for really it’s not an easy process and depends greatly on what mechanism you have as to how to open it the mechanism vary greatly between different manufacturers so even replacing it isn’t the easiest thing if you don’t know what you are doing will normally cause more damage costing you more in the long run most of the time when we attend jobs like this or where the customer has had a go themselves they have damaged things that didn’t need it costing them more
Better to let someone who knows what they are doing do it


Answered 20th Sep 2019

Look for a second spindle by taking the handles off and it depends on what make the system is some of them you need to force the handle down and it opens when unlocked its a safety measure built in


Answered 20th Sep 2019

Stuck hooks is what we thrive on .the mechanism is expensive and delicate so be careful.


Answered 4th Oct 2019

As already mentioned it is a realignment problem... call a locksmith to professionally open the door , you could do much more damage by not opening it properly, changing the mechanism is not always easy. A locksmith could save you hundreds of pounds


Answered 17th Nov 2019

Call a Locksmith. This is our bread & butter, there are hundreds of multipoint locking mechanism types and sizes of which must be identified with the door closed. Opening methods vary from door spreading, lock case manipulation through the euro profile or by drilling for specific areas to retract the locking points. It is a skilled job which can be done very badly. In addition very often there is a root cause for failure so opening & swapping out isn’t the end of the job, the cause also needs rectifying. It is not a DIY job.


Answered 20th Sep 2019

This is usually caused by door alignment if one of the hooks is acting independently to the rest of the mechanism then the gearbox/multipoint lock is already damaged. You would be better off to call a locksmith who will have the correct tools to open the door and in turn replace the parts required on the multipoint lock.


Answered 20th Sep 2019

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