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What is a tile in fashion?

help choose the material

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Well that is a question!!
This will depend on a lot of things!
Your ethnic cultuer.
Your age.
How deep your pockets are.
If you are a sheep that followes the media hype of so called fashion.
A free spirit.
So what I mean to say is,you are best to just find something that you want to live with for ten years.

Answered 31st Mar 2011


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If you mean, what type of tiles are in fashion at the moment, then my suggestion would be Travertine. Nice clean modern finish.

Answered 31st Mar 2011

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travertine is very popular but also expensive, if you are looking for a large format tile and something fashionable you cant beat porcelanosa tiles

Answered 31st Mar 2011

Young Design & Tiling

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hi there firstly it depends on what sort of tile you like, stone, porcaline, polished porcaline, glazed porceline, ceramic, the list is endless, are you looking for gloss or mat finish?
Are they for walls or floor?
I tile everyday and to be honest i tile with a lot of natural stone, a liitle expensive to buy and get fitted but if the fittert is good they look lovly, there are many , many stone tiles and the ones i lay every where are travertine, normally filled and honed on walls with a tumbled travertine boarder, when just laying floors then most of my jobs are slate and cappachino marble.
When tiling farmhouses and cottages i love the tumbled travertine has there are many holes in the tiles and the look it gives is brillient to blend in with the features that these sort of places come with.
Frontrooms and hall ways i like the porcaline, the reason being they are solid tiles, harder to work with but they will last ya a life time, these tiles are very popular ( little pricey) my fav out of the porcaline family have to be the polished, they look great black for me can scratch easily and very noticable unlike lighter colours but 600mm x 600m, in the front room goes down like a treat. if you tiling a kitchen wall then theres nothing better than glass metro on a brickbond pattern, everybody has the ceramic metros but the glass ones are special, they look lovly.
I think when choosing a tile you wanna picture what sort of colurs you want, this will elimate a few tiles as there are 1000s but thats where i would start?
coulour? finish? do you want glossy shiney finish, if so you would be heading towards polished porc, ceramics do come in everysize shape and form thou,
hope this is of any help to you.

you could always contact me for advice

kind regards

Answered 31st Mar 2011

Wakeman Tiling

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Answered 31st Mar 2011


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I'm laying quite a lot of plain old ceramic bumpy whites with a mosaic border lately. Sounds boring but future proof and inexpensive. Hope you get sorted. Mark

Answered 1st Apr 2011

T.A.P.S (Tiling and Plumbing Services)

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