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What to do with this ?

Hoping i can get some advice with ths issue.

I've taken up the laminate flooring in my hall wy to replace with carpet. After taking up the flooring, i've uncovered a gap between the end of the floorboard and the concrete that my front door sits on. How should i close this, as i'm wary of drafts. There is somtimes a slight musty odour, which i think comes from this.

thanks in advance!

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It's difficult to say without seeing it You could use expanding foam


Answered 18th Sep 2019

The simplest way would be to use expanding foam, it seems like a bodge but it is an accepted method of sealing around doors and windows and will bond to both the floor and door cill. Another option is to make a sand and cement mix (4:1) and point the gap, making sure to hoover the gap out, pva the concrete and seal against the cill with mastic when finished


Answered 18th Sep 2019

For a cheap quick fix i would use an expanding foam as it has a decent thermal insulation value. Thats assuming the gap is quite small and it doesnt feel damp atall. Or for a proper job i would cut a neat line of flooring back 100mm from the door and fill it with a decent bit of timber the same thickness as the floor (might need to add additional support from underneath though)


Answered 18th Sep 2019

Firstly you use expanding foam to cover up the gap..cut back once cured and dry and then fill with sand and cement mix...allow it to dry..then you can cover it


Answered 25th Sep 2019

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