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Non-standard door space

I have a space between my lounge and an extra side room that doesn't fit a standard door nor two doors, somewhere in between.

I was thinking either bi-fold or perhaps part plaster board (fake wall) and then a regular sized door?

Just wanted someone's opinion on what they think would be best - sorry I don't have measurements on me right now.

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A bifolding door made to fit the clients under sized opening would be in my opinion be far to costly to be made, I would suggest a wall be erected and a door to suit that opening be ordered and fitted.regards David


Answered 18th Sep 2019

You should be able to get a what's called a door and third,that's a standard door and a side panel that opens when it needs to be to let large furniture etc in ,


Answered 18th Sep 2019

You should be able to get frendoors as snall as a metre and a single as large as a metre.


Answered 18th Sep 2019

Maybe a Single Door and side panel or an offset Pair of Doors?


Answered 18th Sep 2019

It depends on what you would like
Both could be done
Depends on how much light/ space you wish to achieve and there are many options to take into consideration


Answered 18th Sep 2019

I would suggest a door and fixed side screen of glass or 2 doors and 2 side screens if the size permits?


Answered 18th Sep 2019

Depends on amount of light you want in the room? You can get custom size timber doors made but obviously they are more expensive than standard sizes


Answered 22nd Sep 2019

You need the measurements of opening, height and width to decide which door would fit. If it’s an odd size door, it involves new frame, keep in mind there is not a lot of doors you can cut these days, based on what they use to make them. The best option is a Solid blank fire door, you can custom it. For a single door, Bi folding door or anything else that works well for you.


Answered 23rd Sep 2019

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