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The hearth of my fireplace appears to be coming away from the wall and has subsequently cracked, has it been fitted incorrectly?

I had a new fireplace fitted almost twelve months ago it's fitted in the chimney breast off the floor. It has been fitted in the same place as the old fireplace. On Saturday I was cleaning and noticed a huge crack in the hearth over on the right hand side, on further inspection I noticed the hearth at this side has moved away from the wall. The wall is slightly damp under the hearth (only appears to be in one area). Could anyone shine a light on possibilities on why this may of happened and whether they feel it was due to being installed incorrectly. I am trying to contact the company who fitted it but as I know nothing about fireplace installation feel they could tell me anything and I would have to accept it. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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if there is damp under the hearth ,this will be the cause of the hearth cracking for sure, a way to stop this would have been to put a plastic neoprine cover underneath first before bedding down the hearth,this would have cured the problem,
aa gas services.


Answered 16th Mar 2012

if bonding was used when they layed the hearth when damp problems were there the damp causes the bonding to swell and would cause the hearth to move it


Answered 13th Apr 2012

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