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Best way to attach wallplate to brick wall

I have a leanto (came with the house), which is a dwarf wall, with wooden window frames all round (plus door) and a flat roof. Im going to replace everything from the dwarf wall up, which is half brick thick.
What is the best way to attach wall plate to the dwarf wall? I know it should be bedded on mortar to get a level (new upvc windows will be attached to this wall plate).
I've read about using straps, and Express Nails but am concerned about the bricks lifting so not sure what is best. Straps would be visible inside, I cant tell how the former owner did it but from pulling some rotten wood away (Reason for change) it looks like theres a 5" screw going into the brick.

grateful for any advice.

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Bed the wall plates on sand and cement make sure there level and parallel then fix them with Express nails and wall straps


Answered 17th Sep 2019

I am concerned that the wall is only half brick thick which has absolutely no structural strength whatsoever. The wall has no lateral strength so to fix a wallplate which the windows are tied to isn't a good idea as all the wind loads ( lateral loads ) on the wall and windows which in essence is like a large sail, could take the wall down. When a wallplate is bedded on mortar and strapped down as the other guy quite righly said ( although I have never heard the term Express Nails - Galvanised or Sheradised Square Twist Nails would normally be used to attach straps to top and inside of the timber wallplate, and plugged and screwed to the inside of the wall.....but the wall should be a cavity wall or else just drilling into half brick wall could destroy it ! ) it would usually be the inside skin of a cavity wall which is less Slender, and typically in modern construction be overall 300mm thick ( 100 bk / 100cavity/ 100 inner skin, block or brick ) The Slenderness ratio is what it is all about but without getting too structural if the wall is too thin and too tall with lots of sideways or lateral loads such as the wind, or something heavy leaning against it, it is going to come down and could cause serious damage to your belongings, or worse still, injure you or your family. Please be careful with half brick walls !


Answered 21st Sep 2019

Hi, I would advise using 150mm frame fixings or chemically fixed threaded rod. If you use other types of expanding fixings you may blow the brickwork. The frame fixings will be easily countersunk but are limited in length. The threaded rod can be cut to a desired length and give you a stronger fixing but will require a little more work to sink flush.


Answered 16th Sep 2019

If the walls a bit loose then use builders foam to fix plate and screw it once the foam sets


Answered 23rd Sep 2019

Hammering the express nails can cause further vibration and loosen the wall plate from the mortar bed. I personally would screw thunder bolts down into the brick making sure they are not in the way of any ceiling joists. Wallplate straps will be a good idea if the brick is rendered. If not then the thunderbolts will hold anyway.


Answered 23rd Sep 2019

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