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Cracked window after installing

We had our windows installed 2 years ago. A huge crack going from one corner diagonally to the other appeared a couple of months ago on one of them. I read the contract and is doesn't seem to make sense in terms if whether this will be covered in the guarantee or not. Is it possible to find out if such damage is covered as a standard legally speaking normally?

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Where is the crack ? If it’s about 6” in from the bottom starting behind the window frame itself rather than an impact say in the middle of the glass that will be down to poor installation, the glass should sit on plastic packers bridging both sides of the glass , could be no packer used or the wrong sort , regards andy


Answered 15th Sep 2019

Most companies issue a ten year guarantee which includes sealed units if for a replacement it’s usually 5 years
Most companies will replace it


Answered 15th Sep 2019

It’s definitely a installation issue so it will come under a guarantee, when the glass is made to sit inside the frame there should be 10mm tolerance from the glass to the frame , if the glass is made too tight the frame will pinch the glass ,when the frame expands a few mm due to the heat it will crack the glass if it’s fitted to tight.


Answered 20th Sep 2019

The glass will have cracked due to expansion and contraction of the window hence causing the crack. This is always caused with the glass unit being installed incorrectly not toe and heeled properly or even no plastic packers and the glass unit catching a screw. Either way the glass has been installed not correctly.


Answered 20th Sep 2019

Depending on the glazing of the glass it can be hard to place how a unit of glass can crack or fail. It could be down to bad packing of the glass unit but its hard to say unless the glass is removed from the window frame.


Answered 15th Sep 2019

Andy’s answer is not incorrect, but I would say that what has happened is the window is not square , so the glass has been forced into the window opening, I would put my experience on that what has happened there is a head of a screw internal behind the glazing bead , that is now in contact with the edge of the unit , which has now made it crack , due to expansion and contraction due to heat and cold , I would recommend you take out the glazing bead and I would expect you to discover a screw head where the crack in the glass has started from


Answered 18th Sep 2019

unfortunately these things can happen from time to time.
The glass could of been knocked before installation or the glass may be fouling
a screw head and over time with expansion and contraction this may cause it to crack, extremes in temperature can also cause this.


Answered 18th Sep 2019

If the crack is seen to be starting from below the glazing bead and there has been no signs of impact on the bead it’s self then you should be able to ring the insurers


Answered 18th Sep 2019

Probably window corner is not clean from manufacturers internal gasket need to cut off from the corners


Answered 18th Sep 2019

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