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How to mill concealed hinges into mdf?

I have a foldable table frame that needs foldable table top. I bought 3 MDF boards and have special custom hinges that are oval in shape that needs to be milled into the side (thin frame) of the table top.
These are the instructions -

What tool do I use to get a clean cut? I tried a drill and a circular bit that does a clean circle, but the oval shape is very jagged.

Also, should I be using a different board vs MDF for the table top?

Thanks, Ananth

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Make a jig and use a router


Answered 11th Sep 2019

MDF is not something I would not use,try using blockboard with edging


Answered 11th Sep 2019

If you have a router, you could set up a jig then router out the top, MDF is not particularly strong in terms of putting hinges and screws etc, if you are painting the top or are not too concerned with the athetics then you could use ply board.


Answered 12th Sep 2019

The answer of making a jig is a good one But looking at the drawing if the right width router cutter was used you could probably use the router fence


Answered 13th Sep 2019

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