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Can you remove sandtex paint and gloss paint from upvc underside of window sill, without damaging original material?

I had UPVC windows (white) and sills (black) fitted 2 years ago. Used services of someone to paint outside (peddledash) with white sandtex paint. Paint (white) got onto the underside of the sills (not sure if preventative measures were taken ie masking). Underside of sills subsequently painted with black gloss; it looks unslightly when you look up you can see shape and line from white paint underneath the black paint and UPVC sills have been painted which I didn't want.

The exterior painting looks great, but eyes are drawn to underside of sills all the time.

Specks of white paint on black sills in other places too.

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3m adhesive cleaner should be able to remove that,It can be used on cars,boats,fabrics and a multitude of other materials.I've seen it pull oil based grey undercoat from a cream carpet with very little effort.A great product worth trying in my opinion


Answered 18th Aug 2012

i would be scared to remove sandtex and black gloss paint from sills by way of heat gun as this can warb the pvc,or by using a chemical paint removal/stripper which could also damage the pvc.I would test area dry scrape the sandtex and key into the black use a pvc paint over with a few coats.


Answered 13th Mar 2012

1'st of all don't use any chemical products on upvc... in the very best case they will only damage the colour. You must get rid of paint manually with a palette knife ar another similar tool and after that you can use an upvc scratch remover kit wich is not very expensive and the ones I used were very good.


Answered 13th Mar 2012

To try and get that off of plastic will be an absolute nightmare, do not use a heat gun or chemical. You will end up with molten upvc everywhere. You can only try to scrape it off and that will scratch and damage it as well. If it is just the underside of the sill then why not just paint over the black with a white satin. Not ideal but at least it will distract from the black


Answered 17th Mar 2012

He should of masked up first! Under the cils are not to bad,I tend to flood under them but alway have a bucket of clean water with a sponge to wipe the bottom of the cil. This is only for first coat and it's a simple cut in for 2nd and 3rd


Answered 11th Jun 2016

Krud Kutter !!


Answered 25th May 2012

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