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Can i install interlinked mains-powered smoke alarms without replastering?


We just finished renovating our property and building control requested to have mains-powered interlinked smoke alarms installed at each landing.

As the ceiling was just boarded, plastered and painted over, is it possible to install the 2 alarms (off the lighting circuit) without breaking the ceiling and having to replaster?

There is no access to the circuit from above.

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You could go for wireless interlinked alarms


Answered 9th Sep 2019

Yes, you can always use trunking to safely cover the cable. The smoke detector needs to be 300mm away from the light fitting.


Answered 9th Sep 2019

Hi you can take feed from the nearest light and use wireless base to interlink smokes and heat alarms but of course is a little bit more expensive.


Answered 9th Sep 2019

Wireless linking is the best option but possibly the most critical part, as Building Control have become involved, is whether they are happy with you taking the source of power from the lighting circuit as opposed to a dedicated one - some would not.


Answered 10th Sep 2019

You can go Wireless interlinked but one must still be mains operated with battery back up. It is not good practice to run smoke alarm off lighting circuit it should have dedicated CB. I suggest you bite the bullet have it done properly by a professional electrician. If you had used one then they should have fitted as its part P them requirement
Thanks Andy Beaman A2Z build and fix


Answered 10th Sep 2019

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