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Skirting on stairs

We are currently redoing out stairs and landing. We are getting the whole lot replastered and the floors and stairs sanded, but we are unsure what we can do about skirting. We'd like to replace it all, but is it even possible to replace the skirting going down the stairs without actually taking the stairs up? They certainly look like they go behind stairs.

Thank you for any advise you can give.

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The timber that runs between treads and wall is called a stair string and it is integral to the structure of the stairs


Answered 8th Sep 2019

Hi Claire,
The skirting going up the stairs is actually part of the staircase (called the stringer) and it houses the treads of the stairs, so unfortunately there is no way to replace it without replacing the stairs. Best option is really good prep
using an electric sander. Sometimes the beading/detail on top is not part of the stringer, just planted on top and this could be removed and changed matching any new skirting.


Answered 8th Sep 2019

No you won't be Able to change what you call the skirting is known as the string. Unless you change the stairs , but you should take off all the skirting be for plastering.


Answered 8th Sep 2019

hi, clair as mentioned in most posts it is in fact part of the stairs an option can be to overboard with mdf and paint or hardwood if required the bare edge can be covered with a moulding or quadrant


Answered 9th Sep 2019

Hi Claire
I think what you are calling skirting is actually part of the staircase called the string. If you were to take the string off then it would seriously damage the integrity of the stairs. I hope this helps.


Answered 15th Sep 2019

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