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Aluminum side door window removal

We have a porch with an aluminium glass door and a glass side panel. We would like to install a cat flap and wondered if the glass could be removed from the side panel and something put in its place to fill it to allow us to add the cat flap. Thanks in advance.

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Hi there,
Yes you have 2 options. You can get a replacement double glazed unit made with a hole cut into it to take a cat flap. This would require you giving the installer the size of the cat flap hole required ( you can find this on the specification sheet on most cat flaps ). Or you can get the glass replaced with a flat reinforced polystyrene panel which can then have the hole cut out for the cat flap. This is based on the assumption the door has double glazed glass in it.


Answered 6th Sep 2019

If you want to keep a glass panel you will need to buy new glass with catflap hole or you can replace a glass panel with a solid panel and cut a hole for catflap. First option is more expensive as cut glass cost approx 3 times more than a normal glass.


Answered 6th Sep 2019

I agree with the tradesmen proposal


Answered 20th Sep 2019

Yes I agree, these are the 2 available options that I would offer to the client.


Answered 23rd Sep 2019

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