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Will a builder give me a quote for a house i don't own

I've viewed a house and it needs total refurb.

Walking upstairs feels unsafe - wobbley and lose floorboards etc but I don't have a clue if it just needs new floorboards or if it's something really major.

Would I be able to get a builder to come to view the house with me? It's a 3 bed, 2 reception room terraced

In Erdington, Birmingham if any of you are local?

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Most builders would visit and quote and offer free advice, befor buying if you have concrns I would ensure you get a full servey done on the proprty as some areas are not always noticable at a quick glance


Answered 9th Mar 2012

Any good genuine builder would be more than happy to come and view the property as a potential purchase by you the Client.


Answered 9th Mar 2012

I do these quite often as i get forwarded clients from a few estate agents ,I do a full builders report for £175 pounds ,in this you will get a full builders survey with a written report ,i will also itemise costings for each defect found which when it comes to bidding arms you with the knowledge of how much you have to bid down in order to bring the property up to standard,I will also at the same time cost any future works you may want to carry out on the property ,Since i started doing this 2 years ago i was only doing 1 or 2 a month ,now that word is out and how good a service it is i carry out around 5 a week on average and growing.As most of my previous clients have said it is the best money they have spentprior to purchasing,unfortunately we only cover london but ask your estate agent im sure i am not the only company offering this service
regards mitch


Answered 9th Mar 2012

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