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500 sqm resurface

It’s just a general question but in Surrey how much should I be expecting to pay for 500sqm of tarmac resurface versus 500 sqm of block. I appreciate there is a large variable in the preparation but I just wanted to get a feel for the job.
Many thanks to anyone that may be able to help.

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You would be looking at paying double of the price may be more for block paving block paving starts from £50 Sqm Tarmac starts from 20sqm if there’s a big difference


Answered 6th Sep 2019

It depends what part of the country you live at as 500sqm of paving stars at 50sqm but area that size can be done for less


Answered 6th Sep 2019

Hi blockpaving and tarmac are around the same price a lot will depend on the preparation involved. Block paving and tarmac would be around £50 sq mtr as a starting point but a site inspection would be advised in order to survey the lay of the land the amount of excavation needed. Hope this helps


Answered 19th Sep 2019

The preparation is the same the price per mtre is the same


Answered 23rd Sep 2019

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