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Pebble dash removal

How should pebble dash be removed to avoid damage to whatever is underneath and what should I apply afterwards for the rendering process that is breathable and protective and lastly what type of tradesman is recommended for this work

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If the pebbledash is solid and not blowing from the substrate you can re render over the top as long there is enough room under the window seals. And to hack off you would need a little hand held breaker. Making sure to be carefully around windows ect. And I would recommend a sand cement and lime mix. Which allows moisture through and less chance of movement cracks. Hope this helps. Daren.


Answered 4th Sep 2019

Well if I were doing it I would use a breaker to chip off and remove the pebbledash back to the original brick or blockwork.
I would then use a two coat sand and cement system with waterproofer and plenty of hydrated lime.


Answered 4th Sep 2019

I would use a small light breaker to break off the pebble dash and then apply two coat sand and cement render with waterproofer and lime


Answered 5th Sep 2019

I would remove then use silica render system which can be coloured


Answered 5th Sep 2019

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