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Im having a new supply fitted the cable runs 360m and needs to be able to run 2 large mobile homes, garage,around 6/8 lamposts, electric gate.

They are giving me 10 KVA(100amps), I dont think this is enough and the electrical comapny has asked me to calculate it, what would be a sufficient amount to be able to run everything I require? EDF have told me they may have to change part of the cable from LV to HV

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x national grid engineer,i agree with the above post,to assess the fuse for a house we need to calculate the maximam demand.therefore we can calculate what will be the appropriate main supply fuse cut out for the to new primises.supply fuse ratings are 60 80 100.recormendations upgrade the single phase supply for a 3 phase installation.eg:per phase it allows 2 60amp cut out fuses.or you can have 3 80 amp fuses due to the cable run.one for the main property and the other two for the mobile homes.any electrical devices over 9kw will @ least have a minimam of and 80amp cut out fuse.

*to calculate your maximam demand take the divercity factor on to account @ all times.
*run supply via a live bus bar chameber,
*per phase you can have 2*60amp fuses or if its a 3phase 3*100amp fuses or 3 *80amp fuses.
this sort of connections our done by edf(uk power networks)

befor you can get a supply they would wannt to see the insulation test results.and staf ask your electrician to speak behalf of you coz he will understand the jagon what is been use.

i hope this will help you,good luck with your project

Answered 9th Mar 2012

Clarence Knight Civil & Construction Engineers Ltd

Member since 6 Mar 2012

If your into paying a contribution for upgrading the HV supply network then thats mega money. £10K plus! Whats the specification of the mobile homes? How many electric showers, how many electric cookers, how many electric heaters (are they storage heaters?) how many lights, how many sockets? Really need this information first.

If itsreally 360m then volt drop will be a major issue!

Answered 9th Mar 2012

Electrical Safety Services

Member since 17 Oct 2011

hello, 100A single phase supply is equivalent to 23kW or about 22KVA
the guy was saying that you need 80A for 9KW is wrong
the calculation is : (current 100A x voltage 230V) = wattage 23 000 W

Answered 16th Mar 2012

BES Electric

Member since 22 May 2009

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