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Front door replacing from double glazed to wooden

I have a double glazed front door that is 65cm wide. This is not wide enough to get a double buggy through do I was wondering if I replaced the door with a wooden one would this make it wider

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its not gonna make difference, but if you have side light then you can take that one out is well and then get wider door with smaller side light.


Answered 3rd Sep 2019

You would need to remove door and frame
Put a larger lintel above the door way .
Widen the existing door way brick work .
To allow fir wider door and frame .


Answered 3rd Sep 2019

It depends on the width of your double buggy and the width of the doorway. If it's a matter of a couple of millimeters then it may be possible. However, should it be more than that, then you may need to look at widening your doorway which could prove costly.

This will include:
(a) removing existing door frame/lining
(b) cutting back the brick/block work and make good & possible new lintel
(c) reinstalling new door frame and door


Answered 5th Sep 2019

You may gain a little in a new frame from plastic to wood but suspect it wont be very much. Depends as it may work out cheaper to buy a smaller buggy..


Answered 19th Sep 2019

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