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The floors on my steps and first floor, all carpetted, squeak and creak in certain areas. what are the potential causes and solutions?

Are the potential solutions costly and time consuming bearing in mind the stairs, bedrooms are carpeted and the bathroom has laminate floors?

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Hi Tyrone,
I've a couple of suggestions for you.
If you have loose joists this would cause movement across the whole floor which would prove quite a job to fix.
However in my experience squeaky floors are usually caused by a loose fitting sub floor. There are 2 different types, floorboards- 6" wide planks; and chipboard sheets. If you have floorboards these can be carefully re screwed to prevent movement(taking care for plumbing and electrics). If the sheets, which ALWAYS squeak, need to be glued and screwed to stop further movement.
The squeaks in the bathroom would be dealt with the same, but as you have a laminate floor in there this could also be the cause of that squeaking. Humidity in the bathroom may have caused the flooring to swell and now has no expansion gap around its perimeter.
Squeaky stairs are often caused by the wedges securing the steps and risers becoming loose over time due to drying or vibration. The solution is to gain access to the underside of the staircase to tighten and re glue the wedges.
This is the only part which would not require uplift of current floor covering, but which may be expensive depending on access.

Hope this helps.


Answered 13th Mar 2012

Robert Edwards Carpentry & Building Services

Member since 13 Mar 2012

Hi Tyrone. It is because the boards have previously been nailed and not screwed. Over time with continous use the nails lift and become loose causing the squeak. You would need to screw down the boards instead of nailing as the screws will not work themselves loose and stay fixed. This will fix the squeak permanently, job done. Mike @ MJT Construction.

Answered 5th Apr 2012

MJT Construction

Member since 1 Feb 2012

Hi, Either movement between floor board's and joist's, or loosely fitted joist's
into the wall's'

Regard's Paul

I'm afraid to say, the only way to get at the floor board's
and joist's are by lifting the floor covering's.
They can all be relaid afterward's. the job would not be
a cheap one as you can imagine the work involved, gues
that's why so many floor's squeek, if it is really annoying
then I suppose it may be worth doing.
Your call Tyrone.
Good luck with it.

Regard's Paul

Answered 8th Mar 2012

Paul Callaghan Builder

Member since 27 Feb 2012

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