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Door needs cutting

Is there anyway of cutting a door down to 1925mm in height .I have a low ceiling .

Thank you

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Depends on the type of door really.
The internal lightweight doors that are hollow sounding: best to cut the bottom, if top of frame is level, then you can insert timber to strengthen.
Solid wood door: take half from top and half from bottom.


Answered 9th Sep 2019

Hi, for most of the doors is not recommended to take more then 5mm top and bottom but some shops are selling doors that can be cut down to any size.


Answered 30th Aug 2019

Yes, you can cut it with a plunge saw and an extra fine cut blade the bottom of the door..
We are talking if the door needs to be 10mm shorter, if you need to cut too much is better if you buy a new door.


Answered 31st Aug 2019

like da man said, it all depends on door


Answered 2nd Sep 2019

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