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We have our double garage converted to have an office and an utility room (two seperate rooms). we did not get the electric certificate and the building certificate for the work done already.

The garage comversion company has broken our trust as he stole the keys of the door in the utility room to the garden and left with some workds still undone. We have already paid them £12,000 out of £12750 from the contract. And recently, we discovered that in the utility room (with three pieces bothroom) the shower has not been installed properly-water leaks through the metal frame of the door. Any advice on how to get the company to give us the electric certificate and the building certificate for the garage conversion work done so far?

Many thanks


Hi there,
Thank you for those who took time to answer my question.
By the way the amount of the contract for the work was not the cheapest. We have three quote, then chose the middle one. The garage conversion work was not a full conversion and did not include taking down the garage door and do all whole new front walls and window etc, and the work did not require planning permission as we were advised. The amount was not cheap for what it is. GENTLMEN, please do not assume owners always choose a cheapest builder when a builder did not finish the job and did not want to come back is always Owner's faults for choosing the cheapest. You can choose the most expensive builders but still have the same problem. It's the characters of builder issue, not the price. A job is worth doing when it's doing probably. Giving a quote, accepting the job, and trying to get more afterwords or not completing the task in order to get more porfit is a charactor of coward trade man. Negative/sour comments are not helpful to anyone!!


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I'm with the other posters here, I see this sort of thing every week of the year, year in year out, and its always because people go for the cheapest qoute thinking they are getting a good deal.

The reality of the situation is very harsh i'm afraid.
Firstly even thoughg the people you have used are cowboys, the law as itcurrently stands means that "you" as the householder have broken the law, not them! Strange but true. Its your legal responsibility to ensure that the contractor you employ is certified and registered.

The worst case is that the council could fine you up to £5000 for breaching part p of the building regulations and a further £50 for every day that the breach continues unrectified.

As its not legal for another electrician to just come in and certify the work undertaken by someone else (which may or may not even comply with BS7671:2008 and building regulation requirments), you only have two options open to you;

i) Phone your local building control officer and tell them the truth, pay them their inspection fee (normally anout £200 - £300 and get their inspector to come and check/test the work. they will either then pass or fail it

ii) Get another electrician in, someone who is NICEIC registered and who can self certify his work. They will probably rip out all the cables etc and start again from sractch, so it will be expensive but at least done properly.

This is not the answer you wanted but to saty legal and in compliance with Part P of the building regulations, these are the only two ways you can get the electrical certificate etc.


Answered 8th Mar 2012

Im afraid to say it sounds as if you have been had.If your builder refuses to take your calls you should contact trading standards and go from there.


Answered 8th Mar 2012

Hi, I'm with the Electrical Safety Service advice to you, you can still have the
work signed off as long as you go to building control and tell them what has
happened, hopefully the work will meet there requirement's.

Keep my finger's crossed for you, take it easy.

Kind regard's



Answered 8th Mar 2012

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