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Detatched brick garage leaving one wall up

I want to bring down a brick garage on my property but one of the side walls adjoins my neighbours and i want to leave it up to act as a fence, to ensure its secure what do I need to do? Can I cut the brickwork on the back wall to a sort of lower rightangle which i could form into some sort of seating area?

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As this is on a boundary you may need a Party Wall Agreement in place between you and your neighbour to start with. In terms of retainng a wall, are you looking to lower it? I would alway recomend having a structural engineer approve what you are trying to do as you could get into some legal trouble if in future the wall toppels over and causes damage to the neighbouring property etc.
Some garage walls are only 100mm thick (one brick) with piers and the overall structural integrity relys on the returning walls.


Answered 30th Aug 2019

Get advice from a structural engineer
You haven't said how thick or has it got pillars.
To be on the safe side get advice


Answered 30th Aug 2019

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