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I had part of my property rewired by a company last year who stated their electrical installations were ECA registered. I have never received the certificate of compliance (they also told me they would sort building regs which they didn’t meaning I am now trying to get retrospective consent). The builder claims the electrician has left the company and taken all the certificates and copies with him however ECA have no record of any work being registered at my address. What are my options and more importantly how do I know my property is safe?

Thanks for reply. Company claim the electrician has since left and taken all paperwork with him!

It just seems like this company can do what they want without any protection for me the customer! They claim a certificate has been registered but no duplicate can be found when I’ve rung around. I’m more concerned about the work actually being signed off as safe.

Hi thanks for 3rd September replies very interesting. Sorry when I say part rewire of property I meant it was for the new kitchen and downstairs bathroom they fitted. The builder says it’s down to his electrician as he was registered to a different body to the one his company is registered to (elecsa). He has offered to send a new electrician to test the circuit and issue a compliance certificate but this is a long line of things he has caused us difficulties with so I would like an independent electrician as I simply don’t trust him.

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Hi, something doesent sound right there the building company should be able to issue there own certificates if they claimed they was ECA registered and not rely on an electrician who works there, your options now would be to contact the builders again and query what they said or you could get a qualified electrician in to inspect and test the work in question and issue your certificate to cover the work , I hope this helped you out


Answered 28th Aug 2019

It sounds like your builder should be taking responsibility for sorting this out - your contract was with them, and they clearly haven’t fulfilled their responsibility to you, nor their legal obligations under Part P of the Building Regulations to provide both notification to building control and certification to you as the property owner. Whether they have lost an employee is immaterial: if they cannot provide the results of the test & inspection, they haven’t completed the work and you deserve your money back. I’m angry that this sort of thing still goes on!
Notwithstanding that, assuming you have given them adequate opportunity to put things right, I suggest you find an independent electrician who is on the register (you can check this yourself online), and ask them to carry our an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report - formerly known as a periodic inspection). This is an in-depth inspection of the installation which will ensure it is safe, and uncover any areas that require rectifying. Check with Building Control, but I expect an EICR will be sufficient for regularisation and will also give you peace of mind.


Answered 3rd Sep 2019

You should contact ECA report the company, the Electrician only worked for the company the company is the ECA member not the Electricians, it’s the companies responsibility to either issue a certificate if it’s lost they should retest and issue a certificate, my main concern is only a part rewire is complete? Why is that?
Hope that helps.


Answered 3rd Sep 2019

The best you can do realistically is to employ a decent electrician to carry out an EICR but ask your building control if they will accept this to sign off and notify. This happens all the time. Any decent electrician issues cert and notifies within a few days of completion. There are NAPIT who allow third party sign off under certain terms if you can find one registered with them that is prepared to do it. Best of luck. You may find if you come to sell that you will need to provide indemnity insurance to cover the work to any prospective buyer


Answered 28th Aug 2019

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