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Fitting upstands

Hi I'm looking to fit Upstands onto my new worktops. I didn't want to use screws. What type of adhesive would I require?
Would gripfill do the job? Or are there any other good adhesives out there on the market?

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I would use ct1 mastic adhesives


Answered 27th Aug 2019

Gripfill is good and cost efficient, but I would also mastic the bottom edge of the up-stand where it hits the worktop and the top edge against the wall, this will make everything water tight so no water can damage wall/ worktop. Hope this helps


Answered 28th Aug 2019

Gripfill will work but it can sometimes be a bit rubbish epically the green tube one, but it is cheap that is why people like it, but the CT1 stuff I find is better, it holds brilliantly, just make sure when stick your upstand on, you slide it left and right a bit so it can stick to the wall better, and then mastic top and bottoms to add extra protection from water.


Answered 28th Aug 2019

I wouldn’t use gripfill personally, I agree the ct1 is a good product or the black evo stick all weather adhesive is very good also, stick on and seal top and bottom,, job done 👍


Answered 29th Aug 2019

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