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Plaster type for garage.

I’ve recently had the inside of my garage plastered as I am converting it into a Home Gym, (12 month old, detached two leaf construction, cavity wall insulation fitted, ceiling already boarded and skimmed) the internal walls were bare breeze block, I was surprised by how rough the finished walls were, not smooth at all how I expected and wanted.

This is because the plasterer has used sand and cement, he has told me he never skims garages as it’s too weak. Am very unhappy with the finish, now I accept it might improve when painted etc. I’ve spend a fair amount of money once you factor in the costs having all the electrics chased into the walls etc as well. I plan to have skirting boards fitted and carpet etc, so make it feel like another room. The sand and cement finish reminds me of some sort of out house on a farm.

My question is, firstly is Sand and cement the right product for inside a garage ? And what would you suggest, getting another plasterer to skim over it ?, having it sanded down smooth or .. just live with it ?

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hi its nothing wrong with sand cement walls ,if you don't like the finished texture you could skim over it so you have smooth walls ,am plasterer my self


Answered 26th Aug 2019

Only time sand and cement is used is to reinforce a wall or if there's damp and if that's the case it would have additives in it. Then it is skimmed to a smooth finish. Normally a garage is dot and dab or board's screw fixed to timbers. The finish should not be any different to any other room in the house. Sound's like you've been miss informed and took for a ride.


Answered 26th Aug 2019

Sand and cement walls are ok , but definitely should be skimmed over if internal, personally I would of fit and dabbed the walls with plasterboard then skimmed them , thank you


Answered 30th Aug 2019

True there is nothing wrong with a sand and cement finish.
Certainly a great traditional background, albeit textured.
Yes you can elect to have the walls skimmed with a two coat finishing plaster, but as the sand and cement walls are only textured, they will need to be keyed up to accept the finishing plaster (skimming), and be sealed with Unibond or an equivalent sealer. The problem is you will find that most plasterers will simply turn up and apply Unibond without keying up the walls first. Should be noted that all skim work is a two layer application to remove risk of cracking.


Answered 1st Sep 2019

should of plasterboarded the walls & skimmed them !!


Answered 1st Sep 2019

Your plasterer has obviously rendered the wall first if you want a smooth finish get him the plaster over the render but seal the wall first


Answered 7th Sep 2019

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