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Extension underneath the guttering

I own a stable and there has been an extension done by the neighbouring property, and the extension sits underneath the eaves and guttering of my stable, should this have been allowed.The extension was done over 10 years ago, and is a real eyesore as it is too close, it is too late to have something done about it now, I’m sure the relevant people do not know that this has happened.

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This would depend on where the boundaries are, if the neibours extension is over your boundaries then you may have grounds to contact certain authorities.
But the “grandfather clause” may come into effect ( building work done soo long ago that they won’t do anything).

Maybe contact your local authority regarding boundaries and building regulations, then potentially citizens advice.


Answered 25th Aug 2019

Re: Guttering problem.
If there is a cross over of boundaries of your
land or the neighbouring property , l would get hold of maps showing boundry lines of both properties, using the scale measurements determine where the original boundaries are.
Boundaries change over time, fences and walls encroaching land of neighbouring propertys, not necessary with purpose probably unknowingly.

Using a scale map
of 1-500 6/7 inch would be hard to argue
Time lapsed will be a factor of any claim.


Answered 28th Aug 2019

Hi. Next door ( if it was current owners)
Should have served (a section 55 overhang of airspace) to yourselves before building work started. If it wasn’t them, then it’s possible that you would have to pay to correct it


Answered 13th Sep 2019

It may be wise to check your titles and land registry so you know exactly where the boundary is. Were you the owner of the stables when your neighbour build their extension? It certainly sounds like a job for party wall surveyor. Surveyor would be best placed to give you the answer and suggest how to move forward. It really depends what are you hoping to achieve.


Answered 24th Sep 2019

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