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Fixing oak posts to existing porch

I currently have a porch and this is supported by two 8inch x 8inch metal posts. I plan to remove these after purchasing two green oak posts of the same diameter.

The metal posts go half way down and fix to a brick wall on either side and appear more decorative in terms of holding up a fiberglass porch.

I just wanted some advice on how to fit these, in terms of brackets.

I have thought about L shaped brackets which are my favoured choice at the moment, but questioned this as the brackets might look obvious.

All the new oak porches I've seen online don't have any visible brackets, but I'm guessing this is due to the advantage of building from scratch.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

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The posts you are removing sound substantial. There isn't enough information for anyone to give you sound advice. There might be a need for temporary supports. Can you send a picture and I could give you a definitive answer.
Regards, John


Answered 23rd Aug 2019

Using a concrete based foundation for your post might be a good idea then cover with soil so you don't see the concrete or brackets if used.


Answered 23rd Aug 2019

Hi, Your best bet is leaving the metal post in. I’m assuming they’ve been up for a while and can withstand the job they was put there for. Got to a local machinist and get them to machine you oak timber to allow for boxing in the metal beam. Not only will you know it 100% safe but it will also look super nice. Hope this helps.


Answered 23rd Aug 2019

Personally if the metal posts are ok I would not remove them I would clad them in oak. It would cost less, save time and any issues with any movement removing the posts.


Answered 23rd Aug 2019

In my opinion it is going to be difficult without digging out the ground and concreting a metal plate or foot for the post to sit into. It would be easyer to clad around the metal posts.


Answered 23rd Aug 2019

Hi, alot of the time hardwood posts are fitted with either a specific made bracket or usually just drilled and fitted with a section of good thick rebar.
Hope this helps, if you have any further questions i can help with, re-post and i will get back to as soon as possible.
Craig Fraser
Centre Line Carpentry


Answered 25th Aug 2019

If the question is how to fix the oak to the masonry, fix through the oak with coach bolts, M12 or M16 depending on the load, possibly using a chemical fix instead of rawl plugs. Then use some oak plugs or dowel to cover the fixing holes.


Answered 26th Aug 2019

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