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How do you ask a person to finish his job when he will not talk to you

Fit new skirting bord to front room he has been paid for

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Don't pay in full until job is complete and you are satisfied...


Answered 20th Aug 2019

Keep 30% of the money till the end.
But now all you can do is take them to small claims


Answered 20th Aug 2019

Unfortunately the best course of action would have been not to pay the full amount owed until all works have been completed to a satisfactory standard.

In the instance you're describing, I would go to citizens advice and potentially look to take him to the small claims court.

Also report him to any sites he's affiliated to i.e My Builder, along with any friends and family.

Best of luck


Answered 20th Aug 2019

Don’t pay anything until job completed to customer satisfaction


Answered 24th Aug 2019

Unfortunately a brake down in communication between contractor and customer can happen, (very vary rarely) but if you find yourself in this situation rather than let it go to far find someone who works or is close to the contractor or close to the customer and talk to them (there is always someone).
These communication normally just need someone to break the ice to get communication back on track.
As a contractor we are trying to achieve your wishes and dreams, sometimes other none work or none work related things get on top of you and come into play.
No matter what needs to be said by the contractor or customer its best to talk it out.
Always remember to hold onto at least 25% of the money until all work is completed to your standard, never pay more than the contracted amount at
(stage payments)

Hope this was helpful


Answered 7th Oct 2019

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