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Lead flashing underneath window fallen off

Hi, the lead flashing below the window have fallen off 3 times now in 6 years. Is the reason why it have fallen off because it was not fitted properly as the roofer did guarantee the work for 5 years. I heard there is an alternative which can be used Ubiflex, is it better to use Ubiflex and is it more expensive to install it than the lead flashing. would you recommend re-using the old lead flashings to save on costs? Any advice would be most appreciated.

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You may not be able to get a good fixing under the windows so ubiflex may be better as it’s lighter it’s also better as it’s less likely to be stolen for scrap


Answered 20th Aug 2019

The problem is the lead will not have been ground into the brick chase it will have been laying onto the brickwork with the window sat on top and originally it may have been pointed up in sand and cement instead off using a recommended lead sealant .You can reuse the original lead and get a proper mastic to point up ate there is a alternative lead which has a sticky back finish which when put against the wall and onto your tile roof it will stop it from falling out and then point under the window with a recommended lead sealant

Thanks .


Answered 20th Aug 2019

A walker roofing is the correct answer that is exactly what I would recommend


Answered 20th Aug 2019

Hi there, the lead should be chased into the wall and have wedges installed into the chase to prevent the lead from slipping out. If the lead is covering vertical tiles then the lead should have lead straps to prevent lead from slipping out. To be honest i wouldnt use any substitute lead such as ubiflex as it doesnt look as good as lead and doesnt last as long. yes you can reuse the old lead to keep costs down aslong as its not in bad condition.


Answered 20th Aug 2019

Like the others I would re use the lead providing it is not cracked/split or has holes in it.
Remove the lead and clean out any rubble and dust thoroughly, pump a sealant like Fixal in the cavity and put the lead back in, secure with wedges then you can seal again over the top with Fixal to give a nice finish.
No sure how well lead sealant will stick to upvc as some sealants can just be rubbed off it with your finger. Also unless you are very skilled with a sealant gun the grey lead sealer with look messy unlike Fixal which is crystal clear.


Answered 20th Aug 2019

not sure price of ubfliex i think was only used because of lead theft refit old lead and seal with lead mate


Answered 21st Aug 2019

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