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We need some help/advice, we bought some cabinets to install in the utility room but my husband was installing the cabinets but he found that the cabinets feel hollow, so we need to have someone checking it out to see if is really possible to finish the installation or just quit. Thanks a lot in advance

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Really I need to see the job and what cabinets you are fitting to assess the job


Answered 19th Aug 2019

As mentioned above, the cabinets should be assessed, Bear in mind that some cabinets can not be fixed through the back panel as it's only a thin hardboard on some of them, the correct cabinet brackets should be used.


Answered 23rd Aug 2019

If the cabinets are fitted properly and screwed to each other then they shouldn’t really be hollow anymore, or adding thicker backing as a back panel that should make them stronger, all in all it just depends on how they are fixed to their places/walls or attached to each other!!


Answered 31st Aug 2019

if They are kitchen cabinets there will be a solid frame from which you can fix L. Brackets to and then fix to wall . But if there just a cabinet with a thin ply back than you won’t be able to fix them unless you strengthen the backs


Answered 13th Sep 2019

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