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Can a shop-bought radiator cover be made taller?

hi there,

I want to cover two radiators in my living room but am finding that they are all around 80cm tall and my radiators are 80cm/85cm so they covers arent tall enough. How could i overcome this? have them tailor made?

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Hi Laura. I would suggest that the neatest solution would be to have some cabinets made to suit. You could however add some skirting board to the bottom of the shop bought cabinets to raise them up enough for your radiators ( have seen a few images on Google) hope this helps


Answered 18th Aug 2019

Probably best getting a bespoke one made to size, but you could extend it with a plinth look around the bottom


Answered 18th Aug 2019

U can get them made to measure or if your handy in diy I would buy one then trace the leg size on both sides and extend the legs as most of these covers are just mdf primed and painted


Answered 18th Aug 2019

Buying off the peg to nearest size is one way, bespoke design another, both are valid, but extending or enlarging off the peg versions is viable by plinth extension or bolection moulding and appropriately jointed side, front and rear panels. The trick is in the jointing of panel work.


Answered 21st Aug 2019

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