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Neighour wants conservatory extension

Anonymous user 15 August 2019 - 9.35 AM

My Lower ground neighbor wants to extend in narrow side of building a conservatory. Is there a way she can have something similar (maybe not a traditional conservatory) with me on the raised ground benefiting from a wrap around terrace over it either fully or partly?"

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JWP Builders
Rating: 5 out of 55518 reviews

Your proposal sounds like the best of both worlds but I fear it may become a potential issue in the future especially if one party wants to move or if there are maintenance issues. Firstly you would need to check with planning dept such a development would be acceptable. Secondly the design would have to be approved by building control. As such your first port if call should be an architectural technician or higher. It's an interesting concept though ...


16 August 2019


MJ Joinery
Rating: 5 out of 55514 reviews

I'd like to add to JWP Builders reply in that the point of a conservatory is to let light in, if the roof is a terrace or balcony this would not be the case and it wouldn't be a conservatory.


18 August 2019



Anonymous user

first point of call is to speak to the freeholder and check the party wall act isnt applicable then enter an agreement with the freeholder in case ownership of leases change take advice on whether it requires planning or is it permitted development write informally to the planners ive always rung them in the first instance at that point pay for your plans and drawings and make sure your roof is sound insulated good luck they look great


27 August 2019


Fatjon Ndrevataj
Rating: 5 out of 55519 reviews
Holloway, London

Party wall agreement is very important, I agree everyone better to build in his property land thanks fatjon renovations ltd


14 September 2019