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Alcove cupboards

I would like to have full height cupboards in my dining room.
The room height is 260cm, and width of each alcove 120cm,
There is a colour we like in Ikea, but these are wardrobe doors.
Would Ikea wardrobe doors be suitable to fit onto the cupboards in a dining room/kitchen. The doors are 50x226cm.
And I can't colour match the colours we like in conti board at B&Q/Wickes etc so could I buy another 2 doors and the plinths/surrounds and above doors and would a carpenter be able to cut the bits needed from those doors.

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Yes if you can get plinths which are colour matched a carpenter would put in frame work to suit. Using plinths either side to make up the width then doors can be fitted in the gap between plinths. Top and bottom gaps can be closed up using frame work and plinths as before.


Answered 15th Aug 2019

A capable carpenter joiner could take an extra couple of doors and make cappings for the existing cupboards. Ideally the doors you are buying need to be at least 18mm and preferable 22mm thick due to their height otherwise they will flex quite badly and also it will be difficult to fit concealed hinges.

They will probably need two doors as they can only use the outer edges that are pre-finished. Any material cut in the centre will have a bare chipboard or MDF edges so cannot be used unless you can get a suitable edging strip.

If the doors are expensive it might make more sense to go to a paint centre with a door and get them to colour match it. Then all your carpenter needs is a sheet of MDF and you can paint the frame once he has installed it.

The other alternative is to have new doors made from 22mm MDF and paint them the colour of your choice (either by hand or get a local company to spray them). It all depends on the price of the doors from IKEA as to your best options.

Good luck with your project.


Answered 18th Aug 2019

It can be done but consider that you will need the appropriate boarding tape to apply on each cut that will be carried out in order to cover exposed edges.


Answered 15th Aug 2019

It all depends how thick the ikea doors are. To have them as separate doors they need to be at least 18 mm. this would be the least to put decent hinges on.


Answered 15th Aug 2019

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