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Changing from 6 spot lights to 1 hanging light?

In our dining room, we have 6 spot lights. We'd love to have a hanging light as in this picture: converted from the 6 spot lights.

Will it require re-doing the ceiling??

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, best practice here would be to remove the feed from the switch live to the first spot light , then reroute this to the new centre fitting, thus removing the existing spots and cables .
If there is easy access from the room above the ceiling (carpet + floor boards . Then this can be done within 2/3 hrs .

With regards to the ceiling finish, the removed spot lights will leave holes behind. Best practice here would be to fix the holes with plasterboard to retain the fire resistant properties then skim the whole ceiling .


Answered 14th Aug 2019


Electrically the main lighting feed/s and switch cables will need positioning centrally to the room. This is because ideally you want these accessible in case of any future issues. This can be done by just re-routing the existing cables most of the time. They may need jointing to reach the new position though. Assuming the room that the light is going in is below a bedroom, it would be less disruption to do all the work on the ceiling side rather than having to pull carpets up and floorboards above the light.Seeing as the ceiling will need work anyway. You can patch replace/fill the old downlight holes, and from experience, the best finish will be getting the whole ceiling skimmed. If you don't do this, the old filled in holes will probably be visible no matter how good the plasterer is. You will need a minor works certificate for the lighting as the circuit will be modified/changed. Hope this helps!


Answered 14th Aug 2019

yes sure it is possible. need to rearrange supply cable point in the middle of the room and disconnect the lights. then need the fill the hole and re skim the whole ceiling or patches.hope this helps.


Answered 14th Aug 2019

Also if the ceiling is in a good condition you should just beable to patch then up with plasterboard and fill them yourselve


Answered 27th Aug 2019

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