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My door hinge has come off!

Hello! So I’m completely new to this website as I’ve been scouring the web trying to find a solution to my problem. I live on a ground floor flat with my partner and we have a plastic door with a window. We were leaving to go shopping this afternoon when we noticed the door wouldn’t lock.

We’ve had problems like this in the past and we had to really try to get the door to lock, anyway we had someone come out to look at the lock as we thought that was the problem. Turns out we were wrong.

The bottom hinge of the door ( it has three in total. Top, middle and bottom ). Has come completely out of the wall. To the point where the screws will not go back in the holes of the wall and the door won’t even shut now. I’ve tried to fix it myself with nothing but brute strength but I can not get the nails back in the holes. If anyone knows what I need to do as I can not even lock my door, that’d be extremely helpful!

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You really need a pvc installer


Answered 13th Aug 2019

Without seeing the door I suggest the following. Use an appropriate sized rail plug to get a tight fit in the holes where the screws were. Even put a bit of grip fill in the hole first then knock the plug in. Let set and replace the screws. If the frame is wood you can shape small dowels in wood and house the hole and knock in the dowels flush with the surrounding area. In olden days we used several match sticks. Good luck.


Answered 14th Aug 2019


Without any photos it is difficult to imagine what the situation is? Who nails hinges to frames? It doesn’t need a pvc installer, just a competent builder. There is a fix for this but without seeing it I can’t give it to you.


Answered 15th Aug 2019

Its hard to say with out seeing a photo but sounds like either the hinge has failed or the fixings have come loose i would recommend you to get a competent tradesman in to have a look for you to rectify your problem. Hope all goes well .


Answered 16th Aug 2019

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