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Whats required, apart from bricks and mortar

Hope someone can help :)
were looking to have a single storey extension put onto the side of our property, we have had several firms round to give prices. Apart from the building materials, what else is required, :s.
hope someone can help to give me some advice, what else is needed
i now i need plans, but what else
the extension is about 5.7m x 3m

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Firstly has the builders not advised you what the process is , any reputable builder will know what to do and can advise , i dont know what stage your at but you 1st need to speak to an Architect, you def need someone thats up to the job and has references, if your near leeds i can have a look and give you all the advise you require and also put you in touch with an Architect .
hope this helps, Chris.


Answered 7th Mar 2012

First of all you should not be getting builders in at this stage your just wasting your time and theirs ,without detailed drawings and spec of works ie whats going in the extension toilet /kitchen ect and of course what you expect ,they are guessing prices


Answered 7th Mar 2012

ok. You've now had some discussions with builders regarding a general concept and you've had dome ball park prices.

Now it's time to get specific.

Speak to a professional architect (not just someone who'll draw plans) and discuss with him exactly what you want to achieve. They will be able to take your ideas and match your needs/wants to reality with the design and will take you step by step through the planning and building control requirements.

After the project is correctly designed and spec'd you'll be able to get proper prices for the build.

We're more than happy to help in any way possible.


Answered 15th Mar 2012

a good architect will beable to help you and give you gide prices ,no pont in getting builders out untill you have taken it up with your arcitect once that is done place the work on here take your time to pick the right builder for you


Answered 15th Mar 2012

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