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Sourcing materials to lower cost

What are the biggest cost involved in extensions when it comes to materials which i can source myself to lower the cost?

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Get a matierials list together, VAT is a big cost for an extension, on labour and materials.
Find a friend of family member that is vat registered to claim it back.
Furthermore set up a company and go vat yourselves.

You will normally get trade discount anyway, if your job is big enough.

Play one merchant off against the other.


Answered 12th Aug 2019

Good builders build a rapport with different suppliers to get the best possible deal for the jobs they do. Builders will also collect materials themselves to ensure the best quality materials are used and in a timely manner. Customers sourcing their own supplies rarely save much money and spend a lot of time trying to source a cheaper and sometimes inferior quality not only of goods but level of service when it comes to delivery. In my opinion, leave to those that know otherwise you could end up paying more for trades to sit about waiting for ‘cheap’ supplies.


Answered 12th Aug 2019

A lot of building materials supplied to builders will come with a trade price or discount, however there are items that clients will frequently supply for themselves to suit taste and budget.

Most builders will have for example kitchen suppliers at trade prices, but October and some summer months, some suppliers have kitchen promotions and sales that could save a lot of money.

If it's a straight kitchen replacement, or a kitchen extension where the area has been accurately measured by a professional or kitchen designer, we have done this ahead of time and placed a kitchen in storage for two months (£100 per month).

It was a no brainer in that instance as the supplier uses had yearly sales promotion to clear stock...and the prices slashed a few thousand of kitchens. They a few thousand pounds (that could cover the bathroom suites, or tiles or something else!).

Similarly there are other items from suppliers that primarily sell online - bathroom suites, tiles etc., you may be able to find some great deals that tick all the boxes for you in terms style and budget.

Again, sash windows in general can be expensive and in timber more so. We had a client search online and find a great timber sash window supplier that are based outside the city, but travel to measure up and then turn round a great product in a good time.

They only supply and do not fit, but even with the fitting cost the client was able to save a couple of hundred pounds on each window, and needles to say we have been using that supplier found by a customer ever since!

Similarly with doors - the standard we all know where we can go and pick them up from. However, many door suppliers only supply online and you could find some great deals, especially with bifold doors.

Finally, appliances - do check online for some great deals. Even when we get trade price kitchens, or clients find their own suppliers, we do ask clients to double check the prices of the appliances that are being sold with their kitchen.

A company only supplying appliances may very well be more competitive!

Keep the quality, save where you can. Get deals on the client supplied items - we don't think builders for example should be choosing your kitchen, tiles, bathroom suites, any furniture, or appliances...

Where you get great deals on good quality items that have been reduced in price, they should also last longer than the cheapest alternatives too.


Answered 12th Aug 2019

not sure what your ability to gain better material costs from merchants in relation to a builder buying all the time it would depend on your skills in negotiation and amounts required
generally if you are concerned about mark up from your builder i would suggest you ask them if you can supply the materials
some will some wont
gemerally what is made on materials is negligable once handling and collection is added but what ever suits you go with it


Answered 12th Aug 2019

Blocks,bricks ,roof slates and timber


Answered 15th Aug 2019

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