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Is this unsafe?

Hi, quick question - I had a spare Ultion lock so I thought I'd upgrade the back door but it is a bit bigger than the width of the door so there's quite a bit sticking out (~2cm). Does this make it more unsafe? If so then I'll just change it back.


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For the the sake of the price of a new lock I'd take it off any purchase a new replacement that fits as it wont be secure If its sticking out the door alot as will just allow intruders to break the door easier.


Answered 11th Aug 2019

I would swap it for one that fit flush with the handles to stop any easy attack, but as it ultion any attack will shut the lock down .


Answered 11th Aug 2019

The end of the cylinder should not protrude more than 5mm from the handle....


Answered 11th Aug 2019

I would change the lock. Even though it's a ultion a lock sticking out to far is an invitation to some . You already have doubts by asking the question so peace of mind also.


Answered 19th Aug 2019

Hi I would change the lock so its flush or just a couple of mm protruding


Answered 31st Jan 2020

Wow! You can hang a jacket on that,
It's an anti snap cylinder so cam in lock will be protected if snapped but I would have the cylinder flush to the handle plate or no more than 3mm protruding as to deter lock snapping in the first place.


Answered 11th Aug 2019

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